It’s The Ecology, Stupid

This is a little place where I’m holding my mindstorms on the environment, climate change, biospheres, the ability of the Earth’s atmosphere to support terrestrial life, you know, all that hippie crap

This Twitter thread is pointing me at some great stuff - this bit about producing an egg in particular is something I’m gonna start adapting to the messays on design

Be Earth Compatible (ie. use natural processes over against-the-grain ones)

The Need for Climate Optimism

I’ve had this really crucial thing knocking around in my head for a while about how we need climate optimism to spurn us to action: we’ve got a kind of fatalism around the rise of ecofascism right now - it feels like the human species is in hospice - and I feel like we need to articulate a vision of “wild shit is being discovered every day, and previous generations have all had their own scientifically-impending demises averted by black swan events” to communicate the way that, while the magnitude of the changes that will need to be made grows ever larger, that doesn’t mean it is slipping from our grasp.

The RALPH article From Versailles to Cybernetics kind of touches on this, in that it opens talking about how history holds cycles of depression and defeatism.