The Notestack Engineering Core

The Red-Hot :100: Execution Plan

This group has split off from the Department of Barfspace, as the DoB hold jurisdiction over the content of the notes, and the NEC don’t generally interact with the notes’ content, except where said content is informed by implementation details.

For pages involving my current activity (Notestack or otherwise - because, in a way, it’s all above, below, or alongside The Notestack), check Right Now.


For notes on improving my general tech ecosystem, see Desktop Quests.

For non-actionable reflections on these notes (or for tasks where the action is just “reflect more”), see the Academy of Barfspace.

The Shadow Curtain is currently in need of a lot of implementation consideration: it’s also hosting an outgrowth that’s already dropped out Thoughts on storing private content on an on-person IoT Git server

This crosscuts many of the below notes - I need the same CI stack to run privately, and able to interlink seamlessly with the public-stack, like having links to an Intranet for myself

Documents Under This Department’s Purview

Bagtent Notes of Special Notestack Engineering Concern

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(there’s always a little more followthrough to do, but, you know, I’m too much of a slacker to do extra credit and all)