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Documenting the Worse-is-Better Organic Structuring of These Notes

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Indexes of Classes of Development with Examples

How these notes become more

To integrate

loose observation of a new technique I’m doing, flow-wise

if I go off on a tangent that I’m not sure how to merge / extricate from a page, I go back to where the page is listed and note other things that are on the page as text

(for example, here and now, I’ve got list items elaborating on content underneath the pages in the “To integrate” list above)

this text can then be reformatted as a link when the page is created - or deleted / moved to a more relevant place

the place that originated the tangent ought to provide a link to it when the tangent moves to its own page, for places where the description leading into the link was only contextual, and needs to be worked into its own link

pulled off line

pulled off from the area right around the tree that now lives here:

EDITOR’S NOTE: I think this list might be too deeply nested to work with some Markdown rulesets - should really get its own page tree

basically, if your list is eight spaces deep, it might start to get detected as a code block, and that’s a sign it should be split up into more pages

another concept

“Boxcar Children” could be what I call pages that all link to each other, where a “parent” can emerge later by just collecting the union of all these similar groups of links, and then they can be replaced by that parent node if the links not covered in the page’s own list are not noise too much

And if they are, it’ll just keep the redundant list


thematic things