Right Now: Anything New, Exciting, or Different

This is a page pointing to pages for stuff that’s on the forefront of my mind, sort of like an “open tabs”.

I overhaul this page every six months or so, generally after having stalled on updating it for a while: here are some previous snapshots.

April 2020

stuff below is from mid-january 2020

To write up

I migrated my Cloud9 workspaces, I meant to write up how that went down

Phone drama

Juust got my phone back online.

Working on a dock, might like a better case

Hustling to get rebble working so I can use my watch like I want

Kubernetes thing

In reflection, I need to be able to provision workspaces like I could in the Cloud9 days. Not being able to do that easily iskilling me.

Getting into GitPod (proving I’m a real OSS developer for unlimited time) might help in the interim, but ultimately, the right solution is to run my own Kubernetes cluster


Got some Joycons RMAed, might be worth gethering some notes re: that


Need to get some parts warranty-replaced on my futon


bleh, not moving like I wish it was


Working on a better control core

3D Printer

got an MMU, it’s pretty cool

calling this “Stuworks” now since it’s a proper whole fancy assembly ecosystem now, with stuflair doing the files and… name to be determined for the OctoPi endpoint, I guess (stupiece? stuplots?)


Not yet set up.


Just moved in in December