Right Now: Anything New, Exciting, or Different

This is a page pointing to pages for stuff that’s on the forefront of my mind, sort of like an “open tabs”.

I last overhauled this page at the end of June 2019: here is a snapshot of most of that content.

I’ve moved it into a subpage to copy/retrieve from, as much of its content was dedicated to my switching away from GitPod to edit these notes (written in a frantic hurry to commit before I ran out of time).


I’m making moves to get started writing articles on some of the stuff I’ve invented.

The job thing

I’m waiting to hear back from two companies and, other than that, am kind of… stuck, idk.


In light of all the crap that’s starting to happen around Chrome, I’m moving to Firefox.

In doing so, I’m revisiting my old Browser Extensions.

Wedding stuff

I developed lumpkin for sending out our Save the Date emails, and will likely be hacking on it further to send out future wedding correspondence (like invitations).


Just imported some pages from my alphabi workspace

Maker stuff

I’ve got these plastic clips holding a WS2812 strip on my desk. I intend to use this for some kind of productivity tool, but am currently stalled on not having the resources to dedicate a NodeMCU chip to running it.

Reminder here: it’s supposed to be about reminding me to take a breath and meditate. Seeing how stressed out I’ve been lately, I think this is pretty important.