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stuff here also has to do with isomorphism and fungibility of representation (which can help with decentralization’s keys)

There’ll probably also be more anarchist philosophy type stuff

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somewhat misfiled, crashing on the couch here for now

These are thought notes that I’m not sure where they’d fit:

historical detail

(this should probably get moved into some Oral History thing around the how-i-roll’s tomb history division or whatever)

There was a quest that kind of touched on a few things here (titled “wow, this is lazy”): this quest was excised, retitled, and shuffled around until it was moved and I think used as the basis for either one of the quests that are now accessible under the Meta Note Plan Nexus or one of the piles of undealt-with trash that are currently in deep freeze around Project Akira. Anyway, its origins from here are pretty much a historical curiosity, at this point: it was never really about the subject matter explored here. Kind of weird I’m talking about it at all, really!

throwing these here because why not