The Root Note

Stuart P. Bentley’s Notes are currently organized into a few loose kind of overarching contexts that are constantly shifting.


To read some notes that may suggest the nature of these shifts and contexts, see the HOTBAND that serves as a general administratum construct:

Plans and check-ins


Other facets of my life right now

Theme Maps

Here are some notes aggregating popular subjects in these notes

More freeform / creative-writing-type stuff

much of which dates back to the pre-bagtent era of barfspace

Fiction and dramatization

Here are some pages that just collect links to stuff so I don’t forget it (and an index page for linkdumps that aren’t top-level like these).

Theme collectors

These are pages that stand for ideas that I can best/only express by collecting links to things that go into a facet or sibling of the idea


The Tasteland is a branch of the notes where I’m keeping reviews and things like that

Lean Notes

Lean Notes is the term describing a big chunk of my notes that’s dedicated to exploring and documenting how stuff can be put together.

Zero to Software, the original set of notes, has a lot of its current content in a bunch of Trello boards that haven’t been copied here, and a lot of those Trello boards aren’t even full of all that much content themselves.

Everybody Gets a Factory is a more recently-worked-with body of notes on the general “maker” sphere.

Understanding Lua is kind of like Lean Notes, but instead, it’s a draft for a graphic-novel-style introduction to key programming concepts through Lua.


Here’s the long tail of where notes that don’t easily fit in any of the cleaner buckets above fall: