Project Idea Incubator

This is far from a comprehensive list of all my project ideas: that list is up on

(Note that there’s a note about merging that into this, though)

However, sometimes that page needs a place to reference project ideas, and sometimes, those project ideas live in these notes. (At some point, these notes will probably get a special kind of link there, like what I think “Info” currently has.)

It’s important to note that the UUIDs used here have no relation to the UUIDs used elsewhere (ie. for reference in Unusual Studio) - a UUID refers either to a project listing there, or a document here. Any project that’s listed both here and there is going to have two separate UUIDs, and that’s the way it should be.

Here are some pages that collect recurring classes or “themes” of projects I get ideas for or an interest in (for comparing and contrasting the ideas) - they’re not exclusive, but all the projects in these notes should be linked off at least one of them:

Hall of Champions Needed should build off of this?

Software ideas

or “Softworks”, to brainstorm page names as this splits out

Most of these are, of course, framed around the kind of software stack I detail in Zero to Software: open source, preferably with a backing non-profit foundation, and Web-stack compatible as much as possible.



A different dimension

More-physical projects

These still often involve a lot of code-type-stuff

Similarly, there are local endeavors that take on the characteristics of a “project”:

Other creative project like stuff

Other speculative dens of creation or whatever

And finally

Very Special Projects

the Notestack Core is the node in these notes where projects tend to form.

There’s this stub for a Tech Tree (previously known as Toolchained Melody) that might be another page to explore some kind of structure wherein projects here can enable other projects.

For other context that might explain some of these, see Right Now and News.