Zero to Software

(Not to be confused with Dwayne Brown’s abortive podcast by this name in 2015.)

The original Lean Notes series (first drafted on Trello)

The history of the Trello boards

I had a series of cards on a collection of Trello boards that I was using to mock up something:

Back on January 18, 2018, I decided that, for accessibility’s sake (and growing increasingly wary of Trello since its acquisition by Atlassian), I’d rather have these notes written as Markdown essays on GitHub (for easy replication to anywhere else Git is supported).

At the point in September 2018 when I merged these other projects below into this repo (and refactored it into files by UUID in the process), I ended up focusing on pretty much every other kind of note, so

But even when it came to the original boards on Trello, some chapters had little to no content beyond a title and a summary. Some Previous / Read On lists will lead off in directions that don’t make any sense. Some sections may just link off to a GitHub Issue for details instead of having something written in the text itself (and that issue may have nothing in it).

The Trello Import Commissary has everything that had a board in the Trello organization (with one exception mentioned below, as well as meta boards), in a vaguely beginning-to-end order. (These were originally separated out as sections, but that was really more of a concession to the Trello format than an actually worthwhile structural decision.) This page is basially where pages wait to be moved to a more relevant categorization - over time, the “Trello import” nature of it might fade away.

Some attempt to organize this material into something that might be teachable hands-on or something is at The Regiment.

There’s also The Dark Side, which stands in for a Trello board that was never linked into an index, one that can probably expand into a pretty interesting and elaborate cluster now that it’s a part of the same messy notes conglomeration as my politics and rants. woo

New thoughts

A sensible way to look at a lot of this, I think, is “which Helm charts would you need to implement what’s here”? Like, a lot of what I was originally looking to cover and learn here (like “How do you set up Nginx to point to something?”) is now abstracted into Kubernetes constructs, and this makes sense as a sort of goal-oriented guide to understanding Kubernetes

It might be cool to have a How to Make General Classes of Thing guide to “use cases”, laying out what’s the same, and what diverges.

stray thought explaining the evolution of “programming language”

artifacts etc

issue #1 was my original point for the simple task of migrating my Trello boards to GitHub. (That issue will probably get migrated into this repo as content, probably in documenting the pre-history of these notes as coalescing around how-i-roll’s tomb)

There’s also this page listing all the tags that were going to be used in Lean Notes. That may expand as Lean Notes gets migrated in: the notion of tags like these might also just get snuffed out altogether.