The “Worse is Better” Collection

Here are some messays on a theme of “don’t overplan things, don’t sweat the small stuff, crap conquers all” generally known as “Worse is Better” (aka The Jersey Core)

A few more very rough reflections on the nature of barfspace that used to live on the meta page:

Some more, either originally listed in some other broader list or fresh and native to these post-Project-Akira notes:

On Worse is Better in the Abstract Structure of the Notes

Meta reflections on barfspace in general live in The Academy, and other kinds of meta document about these notes can be found from there.

For notes that could live either here or there, there’s this joint Academy page about the placement of… I think itself? It’s sort of meant as a bridge between these two classes of note, and reflecting on the nature of such bridges

(per the note I just added on that page, said junction should be listed higher here, so ideas with that context in mind can find that gathering point more easily)