Learning Journeys

Notes I make as I explore various technologies.

Kind of dovetails with Lean Notes, in a way, though Lean Notes tends to slice by aspect, and this tends to slice by technology (though I expect those lines to blur going forward).

This should really just get merged into Lean Notes as something like an index/subsection for “notes as I discover them”, like, just the “software” stuff - the rest can be moved to the Lean Notes hub.

Software-type study

These are all studies of protocols, libraries, interfaces, techniques, things like that

Much like the different categories of Project, they’re not mutually exclusive, but usually point to adjacent categories instead of sharing links

These pages have Journal sections as part of a larger exploration (which may also be linked from notes above):

Other kinds of note

Data and Reference Sheets tracks various pieces of information that I’ve collected (or found).

Maker Journeys explores more “hard” technology (like plastic and steel).

How GNOME Wallpaper Definitions Work

Notes as I read about world history

Possible ways for this page to evolve

It might make sense to have this devolve into a page linking off to more subject-oriented pages, where I have a “Journals-like section” for pages where Log links and understandings Journals-style. (This is happening now, kind of - we’ll see how “sectional” the Journal sections get, and I’m not sure I’m breaking at the right level at the moment. Might need to get more subject-and-tavern-y: maybe just as the number of researched topics gets further bigger.)

There can also be an Academy-of-Barfspace-owned page exploring the Journals structure, like the one exploring Quests.