Learning Journeys

Notes I make as I explore various technologies.

This vs. Lean Notes

The branches here tend to be sort of hyperfocus-oriented rather than task oriented - more about getting a mastery of the subject matter

I think there ought to be a place for both, though: Lean Notes takes you towards which subjects you need, and this branch (Deep Notes?) takes you into, like, the most comprehensive overview of the details that you ought to consider if you’re doing something novel at any point

This is what I think of as an “index”, in the conventional “thing at the end of the book that gathers all the pages that cover a shared topic” sense

more, older reflections / thoughts on this relationship between the branches over here


This should really be reworked as “Discovery Journals”, to distinguish it from Journals of Implementation or Considered Takes

These collect the scattered notes from when I’m first discovering a new topic, as I surveil its shape and floorplan

Software-type study

These are all studies of protocols, libraries, interfaces, techniques, things like that

Much like the different categories of Project, they’re not mutually exclusive, but usually point to adjacent categories instead of sharing links

These pages have Journal sections as part of a larger exploration (which may also be linked from notes above):

Other kinds of note

Data and Reference Sheets tracks various pieces of information that I’ve collected (or found).

Maker Journeys explores more “hard” technology (like plastic and steel).

How GNOME Wallpaper Definitions Work

Notes as I read about world history

Edge cases to remember (version control edition)