The Method Lab

(Not to be confused with the Arizona-based video production agency of the same name name.)

This is my home base for methods engineering and that class of thing. Time and motion, things like that.

It’s somewhere between Lean Notes protips, Projects, and Messays (especially the big ones in which they share the original impulse of having dedicated repos created for them in the Pre-Notes Era of My Old Bad Ideas), as well as the Wellness and Fitness index and some degree of all the other stuff that’s linked off from Right Now

What gets drafted here: procedures, standards, guidelines… all that fun boring stuff

These are influenced by the thoughts collected at The Spiral Mountain of Design and Social Psychology

see also Component Projects, many of which can feel like abstract methods at times

Other stuff to be merged in there is listed in the repos leaning toward merging in under “Merging Versus Supporting Existing Works” list on the Barfspace Operations page. (SACRED?)

Extreme Open Notes is an offshoot specifically thinking about generalizing the structure around Lean Notes, currently kept here in case I ever move forward with that

BISNES/BIGDOG could probably be introduced here

Kind of like this is the household experience page, potentially - right now it’s just a thing about dishwashing but that’s still procedure-like

Specs I think make more sense in dedicated, structured repos, but there definitely might be a shadow nexus somewhere on here for unstructured thoughts on specs

at some point my loadout system might be turned into some kind of template, which would go here.

Triage methods for early development

methods that are definitely for programming

micro-methods / style guide components

less method, more schema

other end of the spectrum

See Also