The Department of Discord

The Department of Discord is composed of numerous sub-initiatives.

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Straight-Up Department Business

Oh hey, this is new! Most of the visitors here have just been in to visit the old standing committees. Of course, the old standing committees haven’t met in months…

Been off working on necklaces and dead-end jobs wot not, moving apartments… not doing any work on improving the note structure… ‘works good enough for what we’re’, they say… no vision, these lads… no sense of adventure…

Oh! Sorry! What was it you came here about, again?

Some changes to the Project area? Maker projects becoming a bigger deal? Well, that’s nice, sounds like it’s settling itself out nicely… turning into a real lived-in-room feel, it is…

Oh? And some revisions to the structure of Diaries? Physical build logs intersecting the style of software mission logs? There ought to be an index for “Firfox journeys” or “VS Code endeavors” across machines? Hmm, I suppose…

Anyway! You can just go ahead and file those plans with the - hmm. I suppose we never actually did establish a sort of “general improvements” body… that’s become something of the job of the Department, commissioning bodies, which rapidly took up most of the work in the department as their initiatives swept through…

…You know what? I’m looking at this here list of departments, and it seems I got caught up in this same sort of conundrum a while ago. Most of what we were calling “Department jobs” were just importing and working with out-of-tree sources!

I suppose we were on something of a kick, weren’t we? When all your job is importing from an outside source, everything looks like an outside source! And, I suppose that’s true, in a way. Even the most navel-gazey notes-for-notes sake (not like this, what we’re doing right here right now, this doesn’t count) are “importing” human language.

But “taking notes on how I’m breaking my printer” are a far cry from “duplicating links to an outside issue tracker”!

I think Trapper Keeper was too proud, too intent on being the “new order”, the ascendant administration. TK’s institutions wanted to grow into the bodies that would still facilitate the notes years down the line.

So it goes.

I suppose nothing ever truly dies in the Noteball. We can refile Operation Trapper Keeper

We’ve been playing a little Katamari Damacy lately. (There should be a page about what games we’re up to on the Switch, not just Steam.) And that game is all about just rolling a ball through an ordered world with no regard toward building anything. Only unmaking.

But this department’s job is as much about keeping that organic balance between order, description, categorization - and chaos, growth, defying categorization - that the Notes need!

… wasn’t there a word for that, again?

Headquarters and Reflection Points