“Original” Premises

I had this idea that’s kind of like Ryan North’s Machine of Death, but for time travel (and no, that’s not How To Invent Everything) - it’s a framing device for how to do stories about competing modes of time travel: Timebag

it also has some fun thoughts on Canonicity and Inspiration such that should probably get their own notes, describing how a distributed writing project might be approached (especially in a bagtent-like model). They’d live along this note about fanfiction that’s on the “Derivative” work page

There’s also this old idea, way old, I tried to manifest here: Glitchless

There’s another weird little one-off novel concept I wrote a few lines for: Rimraf

Oh, I’ve also had my long-running idea for a Movie To End All Movies, one that I’ve only really found the guts to lean into now that I’ve found Eris: Aneris

There’s also this thing that’s based on the first dream I had that left me shaken when I woke up: Luc Curios

Throwing in this scene I made for The Film School in 2013

Slasher Movie But It’s People’s Careers