The Academy of Belfspace

The Academy of Belfspace is the standing institution tasked with assessing and perscribing what’s going on (or supposed to be going on) around here.

Examining my process enough to codify it has a weird way of leading to me trying to draft new stronger rules for things I was only vaguely and inconsistently doing, so this work tends to trade back and forth between descriptive and perscriptive

For more of this kind of process-examination-and-specification, check out the Method Lab, which might get a joint-venture dedicated page for the describing-notes-as-they-work-in-this-repo documentation?

Duties and Publications

The Philosophers

what’s bappin’ with musings ought to expand to become a Philosophy Wing that extends into the whole of Musing/Meditation-space, with maybe a special joint contingent dedicated to the Philosophy of Barfspace.

I had this “the meta page” which I originally thought would house that, but it rather became a new top-level that collects intersections with Musings by category (ie the Worse is Better Messays)

This also overlaps heavily with the Spec Lab work described above - “Operations” will probably take all the stuff that doesn’t, and “Visions” can take all the stuff that does.

There’s the Oozy Sewer, a joint page collecting thoughts on the organic graph structure of the notes like lifecycle stuff, specifically its creation and mutation.

An idea

This is as much about introspection as it is content work, so it’s kind of a joint between this and the Department: what if there was a page collecting all the pages that have place/organization-type names, like Smuggler’s Cove and how-i-roll’s Tomb? That’s a fun pattern that’s popped up lately