Here’s the News with Me

I’m still trying to reconcile this with Right Now - this is more reflective than that? Like, this is meant to talk about what I Definitely Did, whereas Right Now is what I’m “doing”, which frequently never actually happens.

Ultimately, it sounds like that’s more of a problem with me, but until I can get a handle on it, I’m gonna charge forward with these two separated nodes.

Like that other page, archiving kind of happens whenever I decide to bury the previous content down another level in the graph: here is the content of this page from the end of 2019.

another idea I’m copying here

from the index page:

TODO: Comb through things like my GitHub stars and Tabalanche tabs, like, weekly? And recap them here

Yeah, maybe I link to linkdumps I update?

May 1, 2020

Been working on the wedding website, got that set up. Need to make the stylesheet more mobile-friendly.