Here’s the News with Me

Here’s my page where I put little momentary thoughts. Sometimes, it’s because I feel like it’s just a mood I have to write about: other times, it’s because I can’t spare the energy to figure out how I want to work my thoughts into the morass of existing notes, and it’d be more efficient to just throw them on a little island and work backwards later.

For more about figuring out what was going on with me at any given point in time, check out the Right Now index.

If you like all this shit you’ll probably like all my other emo shit

That note and its scope are being revisited as The Role of the News Page

Old news

Other stuff going on with me

From March to May of 2019, I kept meta notes about these pages here.

These notes now reside in the Historium, where they’ll be reworked into the rest of the graph with loving historian care.