The History of Meditations and Musings

Inbound links to this page should be reviewed, as its content was merged into Messays a while back (and has since moved on to either the Messay Spoon or the Spiral Mountain).

The rest of this page describes the history of the collections that fed into that page: Meditations and Musings.

The Recap on “Meditations” for Lean Notes

This was a loose repository, meant to collect various small, quotable observations I’d had, similar to some of the cards on the Lean Notes boards. The thoughts here were meant to be short but deep and often koan-like - at one point, the repository was going to have the tagline “Understanding Stuart P. Bentley” - but it quickly sprawled into a situation where I’d start writing long, meandering diatribes that were far outside the already-pretty-liberal scope of content I was looking to collect in that repository.

To resolve the problem of overly-broad files that I kind of wanted to write or publish, I created barfspace, and moved some of the files I’d written for the meditations repository to there: however, for most of the files, I didn’t feel right mixing them in with the formless, aimless morass of documents on barfspace, so I just kept that repository around until this repository’s scope expanded enough to fit Meditations.

So what was “Musings”?

Musings was the remainder: the files I’d felt were never quite “good enough” to be published as Meditations, that I moved into the “barfspace” repo, where I planned for them to never be committed, but then decided to just immediately start making commits, hence undoing the main distinction I’d intended to have between meditations and barfspace almost immediately.

Eventually, though, I realized that the whole thing was an indulgent, unreadable mess, and that led to barfspace, which led to bagtent, which made a whole big mess that eventually turned into this repository. Fun!

For more info, you can check out the original README for Barfspace - as in, the original README for barfspace, the one I tapped out when I was first making the workspace / repo, that I soon moved to docs/ because I felt it was onto something, and had some useful historical context, but wasn’t applicable to what the repository had turned into.

There’s also some more background in this history note.