This is an index page for pages that talk about bagtent, ie. the tooling and structure of these notes

Most of these are carried out by the Notestack Engineering Core, who also handle non-bagtent related projects for my notes (like the Git commit shotclock).

historical remark

this ought to be incorporated into whatever history of bagtent/barfspace+LN/ is drafted: was where I originally came up with the architecture

also, I think there might be an artifact about [Lean Notes][]’ original README? I might have gone ahead and broken that down though. The one that described the repo’s layout? I think all the content from the old Lean Notes readme has been dispersed one way or another

The Academy collects documents about the structuring of these notes, which is heavily informed by bagtent.

Worse is Better collects reflections on organic tendencies that play around the design of bagtent

The organic junction that is The Oozy Sewer lies somewhere between those two and this page - probably more between this one and the Academy (hence why this page will probably become the University of Bagtent and this page can maybe get a catchier name - maybe “The Institute of Notanicus”, that sounds suitably insane for these notes)

Lots of the Notestack Engineering stuff is relevant to bagtent, but git-shotclock and its interface for loose integration with bagtent-orphans is close enough that I feel it’s appropriate to link here.


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