“Derivative” Work

See also The Tasteland for other thoughts on others’ work


I started writing a bit for Silicon Valley based on a gag I started doing in the huttj Slack: Venture Capitalist Optimization

I also thought it could be cool to have a little scene in Mr. Robot explaining why fsociety would have encrypted E Corp’s data instead of just destroying it, which itself has larger implications for the nature of disrupting capitalism: The Key

I’ve also had a thought about how the second half of Tomorrowland could have been written a lot better, and how there’s a better production of that story, just a dream away.

Actually, it’s a lot like this pitch I’d been working on for a while: Let’s Talk Tommy

An idea for another episode of Black Mirror: Face to Faiths

There’s this whole other spec that had emerged for me, for Atlanta: Live Performances Nightly

I’ve also had this idea for how I’d want to approach a reboot of Daredevil.

That same kind of thought process led to The Batfather.

Speaking of DC, I’ve also thought of a Martian-Manhunter-oriented Justice League pitch. (don’t look it’s bad)

I’ve also had thoughts going way back, about how I’d continue Angel.

And, by this point, you can imagine I’ve got a thing or two to say about the concept of fanfiction

At the end of the season where Dennis left It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, I thought of a spec script for how I would address the question of his wanting to leave the past behind him, and the folly of doing so: Mister Reynolds’ Neighborhood

Pitch for Air Bud 7.

started writing a scene for Avenue 5