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Co-ops, new economy etc

starting a software consultancy co-op and general co-op resources

per this Twitter thread, I think a good idea for a Kickstarter would be to facilitate the acquisition of large-scale farmland to a democratically-administered worker-owned cooperative nonprofit

Tech projects

Modest Proposals


Video stuff or whatever

Anarchy in the DSA

A proposal to “soft-split” the LSC from DSA ahead of the convention (basically empty because i care so little about this right now, whatever)

point-of-view stuff

Here are some milder messays on political / historic themes

some other Rage at Late Stage Capitalism rants

havin a larf

the closest I come to a counterpoint

DSA.FYI: The Cutting Room Floor

Pardon our dust.

This content may eventually get put back somewhere within https://DSA.FYI/ proper: until then, they live in my notes.

This’ll be where I stash stuff I decide the report needs to cut to be more cohesive. (Previously, it was pretty much “just throw everything in, the longer it is the less likely the people that it describes are to read it, and the funnier this gets”)

Other weird castoff notes on the project:

Other wasted labor on the Seattle DSA

Notes for reforming the bylaws that I was given zero seconds to read at the Seattle DSA 2019 convention (no, I am not exaggerating)

Circus Rosa

just random thoughts

in the cost breakdown for making a thing where you’re including value for the time, labor and energy of the people who made it, “profit” is basically the line item for “fuck you”

reading about mutualism, specifically critique of it, I’m seeing this concept of “labor vouchers”, and, like, it kind of boils down to Whuffie for me. We shouldn’t deny anybody food or healthcare so there’s that function of money cut down, so if other things are predicated on a pledge based on reputation, why not have a system of hierarchically-recognized self-reported time spent on labor connected with its material products? that seems like the closest thing to how functional societies delegate scarce resources that I’ve seen