Big Titles for Deeper Musitations

Here are some rough pages I’d originally planned to write entire books (or at least booklets) for, most of which had been linked in my list of Collected Writings, often with more text being dedicated to describing what the planned repository was intended to collect than actual text within the repository (for many of these, those descriptions form the bulk of their content here).

The first few were abstract, thinkpiecey theses like the Messays that now live on The Spiral Mountain of Design and Social Psychology - said titles have moved to that neighboring page, where they will hopefully be closer to finding traction.

Another repo, The Bloated Age, was like these, but even less clear on its purpose (it will probably fall down a crevice somewhere eventually).

Lean Notes, in its first post-bagtent scope expansion, encompassed a few more endeavors:

All of them found their way into though the Lean Notes repostory (in the period between when that repo launched the bagtent schema and when it was merged into the reworked barfspace repo, now in documentation as Project Akira). They never really fit into the “tree”, though, as most of theme were never really fleshed out - they were pretty much just listed as appendages, as they are here now.

There were a few other things like this that had their own repos (that wouldn’t make as much sense as Lean Notes, hence why they were merged into barfspace instead) at the page that is now called The Basement

Basically, I think the original intention of “Collected Writings” (to highlight cool things I’ve written or am writing that people could check out) is now best served by the Visitor’s Center Tour (or at least, in theory at some point in the future), and the other half (to show off cool things I want to write) is better served by… opening up a note and just writing the gist of it.

Coming up with a cool name and packaging and then being too tuckered out to put anything into it was one of the hallmarks of My Old Bad Ideas.

I don’t know, I might keep coming back to this page and adding more when I get this kind of impulse again, we’ll see if the feeling strikes me like this again. It kind of just hit me a little bit ago, but I ended up tacking the setoff point onto the raw emo basepage.

sort of?