My Note-Taking Beyond Bagtent

trucking this idea off from [Project Akira][] by way of Operation Trapper Keeper:

I want to explain that Google Keep is a huge supplement to this repo, somewhere. I think there’s a note about me needing to explain my note-taking process somewhere around here - I’ll probably work on that, at some point.

So yeah, this page will be a holding cell for thoughts around ways I currently “keep notes” that aren’t reflected within this tree. (I’m trying to avoid it where possible.)

Note that notes that live in another, identical, private tree (the existence of one having not strictly materialized) are tracked at The Shadow Curtain.

The jurisdiction of this page, and other thoughts about its role, is outlined a bit here.

Google Keep

This is the big one, mostly because I can’t really edit this tree on my phone easily yet. (Maybe I should try Markor?)

The Lean Notes Trello Boards

This was what originally led to the creation of bagtent, hence why merging Lean Notes into this repo is such a big deal.

GitHub Issues

I think I’ve even got a thing somewhere either in this tree or in the Lean Notes Trello about “Talking to Myself”, using dialogues as a way to take notes as issues.

Anyway, I’m moving away from doing this in newer projects in favor of this controllable tree I can take with me anywhere and integrate across disparate contexts and all that thinking that led to this current model.


doodles-and-riffs is a GitHub repo with SVGs I’ve drawn that don’t fit into any clear project. They’re loosely organized into a few broad categories, and it’d be cool if they were integrated into a tree like this one, but I’m still not down with mixed content.