The Shadow Curtain

This is meant to be the page tracking and alluding to repositories of content that is kept foreign to these notes.

BISNES/BIGDOG and Federating Bagtent both explore the concept of tooling for Random Markdown Graphs that may need to interoperate with different levels of confidentiality

It crosscuts a lot of bagtent concerns

reflections in motion

public notes on my internal noteball here


More thoughts on keeping a private repo synced

rehosted note from Loose Notes

Blackbeard’s Treasure public/private/secret three-layer personal disclosure classification model?

On this note, these linked pages should consider having a “confidential but not encrypted” host, versus a host/toolchain for encrypted database(s) that could be kept in secret locations (this might be a job for secure scuttlebutt? maybe not necessary for one user)


The rest of this page is working with The Notestack Core of Engineers to figure out how these priorities intersect with the Outstanding Challenges there

Brainstorming “quest”

Taken from the only Barfspace Quest that was moved to the Operations page (the one where the Divisions are listed now) and not later rearranged to be under Operation Trapper Keeper: