Lean Notes

This is the root node of a cluster collecting all my thoughts on best practices and how-to guides for pursuing any sort of project or idea, whether it be a book, or a Web app, or a board game, or a 3D model, or a screenplay, or a microchip, or an essay, or a robot, or a logo, or whatever.

This was the original repo where I started trying bagtent as a content structure. It quickly expanded to incorporate my other big project of formless writing, barfspace, and then grew into this repo through Project Akira, work that now continues under Operation Trapper Keeper.

Constituent Parts

There are currently a few pages that make sense as living “under the umbrella of Lean Notes”, in some sense:

Pages will probably break out of these structures and copy between them over time, hopefully.

I’m thinking Zero to Software will get split a bit, so that the pages on web stuff will stay there, and a general “notes on structuring a code-adjacent project and using Git at the command line” can be merged into my How I Start Projects note (which can be renamed something like)

These notes also ought to integrate with Primer Prime - that would probably be another “lens” into a subset of the hierarchy, and interwoven with possible content for Understanding Lua

Meta boards

The Trello org for Lean Notes / Zero to Software included a few “Meta” boards (which I prefixed with ~ so they’d ASCIIbetically sort to the bottom):

This section could maybe get kicked out to its own page and linked through with the Department or Academy or Historium or something else in the HOTBAND (it fits pretty much all of them but the Ngineers)

Actually, let me take a step back:

Stuff I Do in my Projects on GitHub

This was the bulk of an older repo originally named how-i-roll that is only of historical interest today. See that page for what is now How-I-Roll’s Tomb, where a general “prehistory of these notes” is being devised.

The remaining page about github repo/org creation, though, is still a solid jumping off point that can get integrated into this Lean Notes structure in some way (at which point, all these notes)


There’s also this page, which describes the overall layout of files in this repository (beyond the content directory), which was originally written on-the-fly when I was coming up with the structure for Lean Notes that would eventually turn into this repository (through applying the same structure to barfspace and merging).