Assorted Appendices

Here are some scrapyards, catch-alls, and proto-taverns - like And The Rest, but for pages that are meant to be parent nodes to content rather than basically leaves in the tree (which is more the direction The Rest follows).

Development Blueprint

The more I think about it, the more I realize it’s not sustainable to cast pages as “only being leaves” - everything is expected to be a list that can grow out to a node of any size, or spawn links to any kind of node.

This should get recorded in the bit of the History cross with the Academy, and then this can probably become some kind of distinct sibling with a clearer theme for why things would go here and not The Rest / Weird Stubs

It should also merge with the Tavern Index - you know, you’d have this page, the Tavern Index, and And The Rest all get together and acknowledge that they serve similar functions, and there should be a clearer distinction

the clear distinction with Weird Stubs is that I have some idea as to where to place the page, it has an origin, but it would most likely not get the traffic it deserves if that were its only connection

it’s kind of a Hall of Champions wait list for myself, for my one-off notes

maybe this can be a general overview organizing along the theme of Pages With Ideas? kind of like an alternate version of the Root Note that doesn’t incorporate stuff like Journals, and, you know, looks at that dimension of the notes.

And then there’d be a side index called like Lifelog (which I’m thinking can eat the News cluster) that includes Journals (things I’ve observed while reading) and grocery lists and petlogs and lists how the maker projects frequently have buildlogs and just generally captures the domain of My Non-Imagined Experience

UPDATE: Review The Role of the News Page to check on that idea

there’d also be something like Packrat Pastebase that lists pages that are mostly content I’ve copied in from elsewhere (with the index of continuations from my past notes / OneNote being a side link and out-of-scope).

Don’t know if it’d be all that useful, it’d probably fall into disrepair, but, y’know… we’ll resolve that failure when we get there.

Maybe there could be a Page by Content Topic index that could list pages like Smuggler’s Cove and what they’re into (when they’re general-audience topics, like what you’d find a book filed under in a library)


Indices of one-offs

The final appendix