Barfspace Roll of Loose Notes

This is the analogue of Google Keep for things I want to live in these notes

heading ids that aren’t numbers would also make sense as tooltip values, as a markdown rendering option

a thing I think about a lot is Chris Morris describing his career trajectory going from The Day Today to Four Lions being that he used to be really engrossed in the way people said things, and then he became engrossed in what was being said. I’m paraphrasing somewhat, but the way the maturation was framed really shifted somethign for me. this should probably be torn off and put somewhere in the vicinity of that “growing Up” / “The Deltas” angst-musing or whatever

note that I think Understanding Comics might have crystallized this for me somewhat too with its “six steps”

“Fuck! Even in the future, nothing works!” - John Titor

Deleting anything should tell you the magnitude of what you’re deleting. Like, if I’m deleting a GitHub repo, I want it to tell me “Just to be clear, you’re deleting a repo/org with X users, Y branches with Z total commits, a tree with W files, V issues, U pull requests), etc

Idea: a “last-tested-at” meta tag for HTML that would lock the page in to an old browsing context, and browsers could pop up a “this page hasn’t been updated in years” warning and not implement newer improvements

What’d be fun in meatspace (or Tabletop Simulator or something, I guess, though the physical nature of this idea is what separates it from Minecraft) would be to have just a communal model that anybody is allowed to add to (filing plans for any space they want reserved, or maybe drawing them), and the basis is a dungeon or something else described at

you could even have Lego sections

then imagine having this model be progressively scanned with something like a LIDAR system and you could dive into it full-scale at any time in VR!

or, wilder idea, the whole company is set up in a giant warehouse, but it’s like a blanket fort - like cubicles, but office-wall-sized, with doors and (blanket) ceilings - it’s the natural next step of evolution from Valve’s wheeled desks

anyway, this is just part of my mad plan to make IRL more like Minecraft

stashing the link to from the end of that Prusa article here

okay, there should maybe be a page on the move from Ruffs, to Cravats, to Ties, to Double-Ties in BTTF2, to Collarballs in Other Space

because a thing I’m thinking right now, based on what I’m currently wearing and what I’ve been working on (which I’m thinking about incorporating this thing I’m wearing into), is that the future could conceivably be dominated by neck pillows with addressable LEDs attached in some kind of fashion like bows / ties / necklaces, at least in a comedy sci-fi setting (the neck pillows thing does feel very pajamas-as-clothes like Logan’s Run and Idiocracy)

Do all Wikidata items have UUIDs? Could someone start an index to add them? (The uniformity is handy.)

sometimes I feel like the Delta Tau Chi guys throwing groceries at Flounder with just how much I shift topics around

best self, or Belf for short

it’s what Bell wants you to be

more abstractly, the Belf is the “greater you” of all the contributions you make to The Force

a possible rewrite for non-historical references to barfspace that might be reclaimed as “Belfspace”, like we’re doing a bad Japanese translation of my own notes (a “Japanses” translation, to use my original typo’s term for it - another form of organic mutation!)

you can also think of it as a cross between a belch and a barf / queef / fart, whatever sicko

(when I make a new page like Quests or the reboot of Right Now that cuts across the entire repo) stuartpb has been taken by a fey mood! (might have a Department of Bagtent Nexus just called “Fey Moods” for tracking this kind of news/history across initiatives)

We all talk about Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, but let’s be real, a programmer’s real most-used key combination is at the command line: “Up, Enter” wow, that is some Gender


Thought for Lean Notes: What you really need is to know everything the people who’ve done best in the space you’re working in know. Software people don’t need to know electronicss unless they’re moving into IoT wiring, but everybody keeds to know what binary and ASCII entail. Not knowing that stuff is like a painter not knowing the fundamental properties of water and oil.

Oh, okay, I get why these bros call it “irony”: they’re harkening back to that old definition of Dramatic Irony to mean “when the audience knows something the characters don’t”, to mean “I know something the people around me don’t - which is that I don’t actually care about the thing I’m wearing!” and it’s awful

like when Hannibal Lecter warns his guests “nothing you will eat tonight is vegetarian”, he’s enjoying a little joke to himself.

Hey, is there a feature of uBlock Origin that lets it block cookies on sites like Washington Post that put up paywalls after a cookie reads X number of articles?

they’re called “foo” and “bar” because of what it means when you find them in production code

Coding without version control is driving without a seatbelt: just because you can do it without getting killed doesn’t mean it’s fine.